Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi

I never expected it to be such a funny/random anime.
It starts with Ookami-san and Ringo pursuing a guy. Ringo steps back while Ookami-san goes into action. Cat-face punch! But that was only possible because someone threw a rock at the knife the guy was holding.

Then the narrator starts to... well what else, narrate. I recognized the voice immediatly, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun's (also Toaru Majutsu no Index's) Misaka Mikoto. We then find ourselves in something that look like the HQ of an organization, they call it the Otogi High School Bank. Basically they do favors in return for something.

The Narrator introduces us to the members and then we see a piece of Ookami-san's life and while walking to her dorm. She hears an "I love you" from behind. Morino Ryoshi was trying to confess his love to her.

In the end he is recruited to the Otogi High School Bank, but all of the stares made him go into a ball. He has a phobia, he dislikes it when people stare at him. And not long after that a client comes. Her request is to not let the Prince of Tennis file his resignation slip.

Morino tailed the so called Prince and Ookami and Ringo tailed Morino. They ended in a public bathroom. No fanservice, great XD Morino, while the Prince was soaking in the water he lurked around his bag, was found by and old guy and... While trying to explain his towel felt off... Ookami punch!

They failed to stop the Prince from getting 4 out of the 5 approvals he needed for his resignation and they decided to confront him head to head. Five minutes 'till five, their last option pumpkin bicycle... And so that Morino's phobia didn't kick in he wore a mask.

They crashed into a bench, the girl flew off, did a flip (yay! no fanservice!) and she didn't stop soon enough and kick in th face! They both ended on the ground. Poor Prince, with a broken leg, a kicked face and on the ground.

What a bunch of weirdoes, don't you think? But well in the end the slip was confiscated.

In the end, while walking to her dorm, in the street Ookami and Ringo encountered the same guy from the beginning of the episode, but this time with two of his friends. Ringo stepped back while Ookami fought, and exactly when she was going to get hit with a metal tube, Morino-san shield her.

Ookami beat the three guys and she also accepted Morino into the group.


What an episode, what an episode! The anime was really funny, random and made me laugh. But this is just the first episode, I wonder what the future holds for this anime.

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Working!!, Durarara!!, FMA2 and others

Last week Working!! ended. It was a cute ending, I didn’t expect a lot from that cute anime so I was satisfied with the ending. Though I do wish it had more YachiyoxSatou action and I like Taneshima-san more than Inami so I wanted those two to end up together, but… Taneshima admires the woman-Takanashi… Why couldn’t she have fallen in love with him instead of admiring him in that wierd way?

Durarara!! (DRRR) ended, or so they say. I need a bigger explanation! Even though it was the last episode it left me with so many questions and no answers! I demand answers. I think it need a second season, just 2 more OVAs won’t do.

Izaya with a black eye, Shizu-chan being his old I-am-gonna-beat-the-s**t-out-of-you self and Kida running away with Saki?! But in the end the square root of 3 joke was just… bad. But hey, that's our beloved Kida-kun~.

FMA2 ends this Sunday. I can’t wait but at the same time… I just don’t want it to end. But nothing can be done, the manga has already ended is only natural that the anime would too.

This July 1st new anime will start streaming. There aren’t that many and judging from just the summaries I still haven’t found the pearl of the season nor the one that will interest me the most. Though I must add, from the winter season I wasn’t expecting such a great anime: Durarara!! At first glance it sound ok, but since the first episode it has captivated my heart and every Friday there I was waiting for the new episode to arrive. But that’s just me.

See you around.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Durarara's Final DVD will have a DVD-exclusive episode

The final Durarara!! DVD, 13th, will have a DVD-exclusive episode, Episode 25. Sometime ago they announced that the 7th DVD volume with have an exclusive episode, this one will be Episode 12.5. The last one is going to ship around August while the 25th episode is going to ship in February 23, 2011.

My thoughts: T.T 2011? So far away! I want it now. I love Durarara!! so much I just can't wait for it. And for the ones that haven't watched Durarara, I highly recommend it.

Sources: Anime News Network

Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Post

This is my first post on my first blog. Anime blog, recommendations, episode update of the anime I’m watching, and other things.

So before I continue I’ll introduce myself. Trusx, that’s how you will call me. I still go to school so there will be weeks when I don’t post anything because of exams and projects, but you’ll hear from me really frequently.

See ya’ around!~